Links and Contacts

Here is a list of links leading to lots of great information about what we are doing.

In 2012 - 2013 we served with the -
Young Adult Service Corps:

The YASC program sent us for one year to volunteer at the -
Asian Rural Institute:

Now after returning to Arkansas we are working for Camp Mitchell, the Camp and Retreat Center for the Diocese of Arkansas

If you
- have any questions
- have skills, goods, or ideas to donate
- or would like to know how you can be involved with our farm
you can contact us at either of these emails:

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your picture posted Feb 16th of the couples quarters in the ARI Men's dorm.
    I renovated the room in April 20010 so that we could move in on Mothers Day 2010.Stayed until mid August and came home. We will be returning to ARI about August 20, 2013 for 40th year celebration. see