Our Support

The Budget Rundown

The total cost of this package for one missionary averages about $20,000. Each missionary is responsible for coming up with half, $10,000. For us, our total support package will be around $40,000. The means we will need to raise a total of $20,000.

The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas has generously given us $4,000. That's 20% of our goal right there!

The funds are used in a support package which includes:

$500 monthly stipend
Roundtrip airfare
Living quarters
Health, dental and life insurance benefits
Evacuation insurance
Orientation and debriefing
Language learning
$1000 Repatriation allowance
Administrative support
Support network

           WE HAVE REACHED OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL!!! Yes, thanks to you we have finally raised over $20,000. Words do not justify how truly grateful and humbled we are by all your love and support. We would like to bring you all to Japan and show you around the farm to show our thanks, but we'd have to do a little more fundraising.. ;)