Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank You Friends in St. Michael's, Norman, Oklahoma!

Hey everyone! Jenny and I are traveling on our honeymoon/tour of colleges right now. Wyoming is beautiful and Montana is still to come.

Thanks to everyone who came and ate at Cici's at the beginning of this month. We still aren't sure how successful this fundraiser is but we'll be grateful for any piece of our fundraising goal. Remember that this easy way to donate a little bit to us and get some pizza too happens every 2nd Tuesday of each month. So the next one will be Tuesday, June 12. Bring the family! Bring the baseball team! Bring an appetite.

On our way out west, Jenny and I spent the weekend with Jenny's Uncle Alan Sutherland. We hadn't seen him since the weekend he helped to marry us, so it was a really nice visit. Alan is a priest at St. Michael's in Norman, Oklahoma. He and his church welcomed us and our mission with open arms. They allowed us to give the homily at each service and talked with us continuously about our mission to Japan. The congregation graciously donated over $1,500 to support our year of service. We are very grateful to St. Michael's in Norman for their open hearts, great hospitality, and generous contributions.

We still have many roads to travel here in the west but we'll be back in Central Arkansas before the end of the month.

See you all soon!
Thanks again to St. Michael's of Norman for your love and support.

Doug and Jenny

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