Monday, June 25, 2012

Splashing Around the State

Hello Everyone!

We have recently been floating around Arkansas on the river of Southern hospitality. Saturday night we stayed with our good friends, Janis and Benny Mays in Rogers, AR. Our Sunday morning was supercharged with homemade blueberry muffins. Then we went on our way and visited Grace Episcopal Church in Siloam Springs. We shared our mission there and received much welcome and support. We really enjoyed the coffee hour—hummus, cheeses, quiches, the best coffee around! Stan took us out for a brunch of tasty omelets and eggs Benedict. We left Fayetteville and splashed the heat of the afternoon away in the Mulberry River. By the end of the day, the gravity of a feast had pulled us into Conway. We spent the evening with friends, cutting vegetables and cooking/eating in a kitchen full of Indian food.

Thanks to everyone who is enabling our vagabond lifestyle this summer. It has been a blast and a blessing to hop around and visit all of you.

A special thanks to Grace Episcopal Church in Siloam. After we worked alongside several of your parishioners in Guatemala, it was great to finally come up to visit your congregation and to share our mission with you all.

At Grace, sat in on a study of the book The Greatest Prayer, by John Dominic Crossan. The day’s lesson was about how prayer is like plugging in to a power source, becoming an energized part of something greater than the self. I feel our journey around Arkansas and the country this summer has been prayerful in a similar way; Jenny and I have paused often along our way to sit and visit with friends, to become a part of their love as they become a part of ours.

We are hashing out details for our upcoming fundraisers, so be on the look-out for those! Also in store for us this week are our vaccinations…a not so exciting aspect of our preparation.

We are  gearing up for orientation in Toronto, we leave July 8! We’re excited to see all our friends from the YASC discernment weekend and meet missionaries from various other programs who will be serving this coming year, we welcome your prayers for safe travel! Our visas are also pending, fingers crossed they will go through before we leave!

We hope everyone has a safe but fun-filled fourth of July! We’ll be trekking down to Camden, Arkansas (where Doug’s family is from and where we were married!) to make more summer-splashing memories.

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