Monday, July 9, 2012

Toronto, Chapter 1

Greetings from Toronto, everyone!

We just wanted to quickly notify everyone that we made it to Toronto and we are smack-dab in the middle of it! Our room is on the eighth floor of a residence hall of the Toronto University. Every direction that we look we can see skyscrapers and high-rise apartments, with lots of beautiful old churches and colleges in between. This is a kind of city that these Arkansans have never seen before!

It is good to gather again with our fellow YASCers as we all prepare to take a year-long leap around the world. We are also getting to meet a lot of outgoing missionaries of the Lutheran Church as well. Today was our first full day. We got many intros and runndowns of how this week is going to go. WE are especially excited about a visit to a Buddhist temple here in Toronto. We talked a lot about the experience of learning and multiculturalism. 

More detailed notes and pictures to come. Tonight we are going to sleep early so we can be bright and fresh for a full day of learning tomorrow. 

Also, we started our first lesson of Japanese on our Rosetta Stone. Thanks Patrick!

Until tomorrow,


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