Sunday, June 9, 2013

Woo Pig Tsui and Kim the Egg

As I begin this blog it is currently 4:00pm. Kim's flight should get in at 4:20. Doug should be on his way to the airport to greet her when she comes out of customs and I am waiting at the hostel in Tokyo.

To help pass this waiting time I'll tell you a little about our week. There's not much to tell about my first week of being 23, I mean, can you remember your first week of being 23? Yeah, not so exciting. But here it goes:

We were invited to a nearby elementary school to have fellowship with some of the classes as part of their international fellowship program. It is something the school started this year to give students an opportunity to meet people from other countries and hear a little bit about their culture, what a great idea! So after introducing ourselves in Japanese "Watashi wa Doug/Jenny des, America kara kimashita. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu," and pointing at a map, we (duh) taught the kids how to CALL THE HOGS!

(except we spelled it "tsui" so they could understand the pronunciation)

But when asked our favorite American sport, we did not answer "football." We'll join in a hog call any day, but for the game, we just aren't that into it...

So, it's mulberry season. And lucky for us, our mulberries have very low radiation levels, yahooo!! So we added these to our harvest list. People have their own unique ways of harvesting this stain-happy berry. Some pull down branches and harvest one by one from the ground, others climb up in the tree and shake all around while friends hold a tarp below to catch the berry-storm. The latter is a bit more fruitful... I made jam.


Doug took some interesting mushroom pictures.

I completed my mother's kimono shopping, here's a *sneak peak*

Other than that y'all, that's it. We've just been itchin' in our breeches waitin' on sister Kim to hop on a plane! As her friend, Jamie, described it, it's like we're playing an extreme game of Egg Toss with her, across the world. Yes, a fragile Kim egg is just about to be caught by Doug at Narita, I hope he doesn't drop her! He won't, he's pro.

Ok, now, I nap. I wait. I won't post till I see the Kim and get her pretty little Japanese picture on this here page. You'll see.

Love from your 3 Knight missionaries!

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