Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Knights in Japan

We're back to two Knights in Japan rather than three. Our sister Knight has returned to the U.S., expected to land in about an hour! Saying "goodbye" this time was much different from the last time I said "goodbye" to a sister. Last January I escorted my Katie back to the airport after her visit. It had been 5 months since I had seen her when we left in August, but we were saying "goodbye" this time for 7 months, the longest we've ever been apart. Needless to say, it was really difficult. But this time, we were saying "goodbye" for only 4 weeks. About the usual frequency of visits back in college, no big deal!

So Doug escorted Kim back to the airport yesterday, just taking our turn in the giant game of egg (Kim) toss that we started five weeks ago. We can't believe the time as passed so quickly. We will have left ARI and visited Korea and made it home by the time five weeks passes again.

But before I talk about the future, let me tell you about Kim's last week on the farm! It was a four day week after our trip to Nikko and it rained a lot. But we did manage to ride our bikes to Karaoke one night! Doug and Kim rocked "I try" by Macy Gray! 

Doug and Soren took a trip down to the river one afternoon.

We threshed our wheat!

We also had a "beat the heat" farm party where we all crowded into Ban-san's living room wearing the color blue to share a meal together. It was rather hot in there...but fun.

Looking ahead:

21 days at ARI, 9 days in Korea, home August 13 (one month from now). It's really just the most incredible thing to think that we've been here almost a year. There is a lot we want to share and reflect on here, but we also want to stay present, so stay tuned for some wrap-up thoughts and also to hear our plans for our return home. 

For now:

We have 3 weeks of farming, fellowship, food, and fa-doodling to attend to!

Thanks for everything,

Doug and Jenny

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